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Chatbot Author is a Windows 10 Azure Platform which empowers everyone to create professional standard scripted chatbots much faster than ever before. Thereby reducing the dependency on developers but at the same time appealing to and assisting them. Create, test and collaborate to combine areas of specialist knowledge, whilst masking complexity from the audience by providing only the information which is relevant to them. This in turn reduces the likeliness of false positive and negatives by helping everyone think more clearly.

A complete end to end Microsoft turnkey solution using known protocols for an intuitive user experience with inbuilt security and governance.


Documented procedures are no longer fit for purpose, Chatbot Author is a revolution and will optimise how we operate and share information and knowledge in all areas of our lives. Fully integrated with Microsoft’s Bot framework (LINK), interactive chatbots can be distributed across at least 14 channels (eg Skype, Web chat, Facebook etc). Communicate one version of the truth to keep teams aligned and up to date. Improve productivity by enabling self-service, self-sufficiency and workforce upskilling. Stored in the Azure cloud, Chatbots can be acessed anywhere by anyone.

About Microsoft bot framework


In-built data analytics to measure operational insights and visualise user journeys in real-time. For the first time you are able to transform procedures into a valuable form of new big data, called dialogue data for audit, measurement and patterns. All chatbots and their data are stored in the Azure cloud providing a date and time stamped audit trail for years to come. The Chatbot Author platform is revolutionary in driving efficiencies, effectiveness and transparency through the use of procedures.


Use the real-time emergent evidence generated from the dialogue-data to identify where to improve the Knowledge Map. This may simply involve improving the dialogue narrative or enriching the understanding of the dialogue through a contextual picture or video. In some cases, there may be a need to extend the edge of knowledge by creating and linking to other Knowledge Maps. This can be supported by the Group Management facility so that Knowledge Maps produced by different Subject Matter Experts can be Linked together.



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