Why Chatbot Author Basic?

✓ Get started easily

✓ Create a professional looking chatbot quickly

✓ Communicate one version of the truth

✓ Deliver benefits within hours or days


Get started easily

Fast startup

Start with a free 30 day trial from the Windows 10 store and business now. In App purchase available to upgrade for increased functionality

Intuitive user experience

Built using Microsoft protocols Chatbot Author is simple and straight forward to use Also benefits from Micorosft standard in-built security and governance

In-App help facility

Videos and and training facilities to guide you step by step through creating your first chatbot

Create professional standard chatbots quickly

No training required

Disseminate and publish complex information in the form of a chatbot.

Enforce logic

Chatbots are easily created using symbols for notes, choices, pathways and outcomes, Chatbot Author forces logic and therefore enables much more efficient communication with your audience

Enrich with media

Each step can be enriched with contextual videos and images for an intuitive interactive experience.

Share and communicate one version of the truth

Share without boundaries

Chatbot Author is fully integrated to the Microsoft Bot Framework so that once Chatbots are created they can be easily published to at least 14 channels via the Bot framework

Deliver benefits within hours or days

A new form of communication

Using chatbots to convey information, in particular procedures, ensures efficiency by not overloading the audience with unnecessary information, delivering step by step logic in context

Commercialise and retain your IP

Transform valuable knowledge into assets which can not only be stored for years to come but potentially could be commercialised as a utility service

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